Eli Cornejo

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Born in Buenos Aires in 1981. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

She works in the fields of photography (mainly analog), with a fondness for collage and video, focusing her practice on self-referential documentation as a key tool to study, understand and intervene in their immediate environment. She has been a resident at The Pajama Factory (USA) and ( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis (France-Slovenia-Germany).
Her work has been shown in different galleries and cultural spaces, such as in Wolterholme Projects (Liverpool, UK), Stattberlin (Berlin, Germany), Hilbert Raum (Berlin, Germany, Bricks Gallery (Hamburg, Germany), Fiebre Galeria (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Rare Tempo (Denver, USA) and MMCA (Barcelona, Spain).
As Cultural Manager, works in the production and curation of her projects, The Berta ART Raffle and Photo Club Berlin.
In 2013 together with artist Juan Arata, founded the duo Arnejo Corata, since 2016 member of HilbertRaum, an independent, non-commercial, artist-run project space in Berlin, Germany.



The instant, the opportunity, the circumstances defining the Moment: a three-dimensional figure that determines something unrepeatable; ephemeral events we are unable to experience completely. There is something in Eli Cornejo's photography reminding us about constant and perpetual movement, for what it is important for her is the path and not the outcome. Her photos are like journeys through cities as real and as imaginary. The inhabitants could be humans, machines, animals or ghosts or whatever the observer chooses them to be.  Eli Cornejo's quest is the self-world quest, the natural aesthetics and the self-documentation; a quest that does not pretend to be complex, nor obvious.


July - Group exhibition. Curation, production and managment. HilbertRaum, Berlin-Germany.
Juni - Salvajes, group exhibition. ACUD, Berlin-Germany.
Mai - Solo exhibition, multidisciplinary installation. Mirage, Berlin-Germany.

As Above so Below, works by Juan Arata. Production, managment and assistance. Hilbert Raum, Berlin-Germany.
Selected artists for Proyecto Imaginario Latinoamérica, educational program for photographers and visual artists. 

The Berta Art Raffle, VOL. 6. Production and Curation. Group exhibition, Art event - Gr_und, Berlin-Germany.
The Myth of Orpheust, Group exhibition in the frame of the ( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis , Artists in Residency program 2017, CCCPierre Fitte, Paris-France.
Shadows need Light at 48 Stunden Neukölln, Duo Exhibition with Dácil Granados. Studio Hertzberg, Berlin-Germany.
Plural Solitude, curation and photo exhibition. Hilbert Raum, Berlin-Germany.
Smile Happens at Inappropriate Humor, Group exhibition. Rare Tempo. Denver, Colorado-USA.
„Klima.Wandel.Gerechtigkeit“ ASA-Foto-Stories, Photography Jury for Asa-Programm. Germany.

Exotic Awareness, Group exhibition. Bricks Gallery Hamburg–Germany
Portfolio Reviews 2016, European Month of Photography and C/O Berlin. Berlin-Germany
Experimental Experience Experiment, Group exhibition in the frame of the ( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis , Artists in Residency program. HilbertRaum. Berlin-Germany
Tuesdays @HilbertRaum: PHOTO CLUB BERLIN. Organization, Photo event. Berlin-Germany
The Berta ART Raffle, VOL. 5. Production and Curation. Group exhibition, Art Event. HilbertRaum. Berlin-Germany
1 Jahr HilbertRaum, Group exhibition - HilbertRaum. Berlin­-Germany.
Commissioned work for the Spielheft Calender 2016/2017 by Theater Augsburg-Germany.

The Berta ART Raffle, VOL. 4. Production and Curation. Art Event - Kleiner Salon. Berlin-Germany
Sustainable waste, published by Old Tat online magazine. Collaboration with tHERAPY recycle and exorcise, Berlin-Germany 
Von drinnen nach draußen, Photo exhibition. Augsburg's Theater Festival, Augsburg-Germany
The Berta ART Raffle, VOL. 3. Production and Curation. Art Event - Raum für Drastisches Maßnahmen. Berlin-Germany
Müll - visual essay for a city and its trash. Collaboration with tHERAPY recycle and exorcise, Berlin-Germany 
Photo Critique Day. Organization, Photo event. Berlin-Germany


Exorcísame ¿Qué enferma al pueblo? by Arnejo Corata, collaboration-duo with Juan Arata. Fiebre Galería, Buenos Aires-Argentina
The Berta Art Raffle. VOL. 1 & VOL.2 Production and Curation. Art Event - Berlin-Germany
The Photo Critique Day. Organization, Photo Event - Berlin-Germany


( ) parenthesis space parenthesis - édition 1, Lendava-Slovenia. Residency Program
The Pajama Factory A.I.R. (Artist in Residency), Willamsport PA-U.S.A.
Presentation of Arnejo Corata (collaborative project with Juan Arata), L18, Berlin-Germany
On Construction (formato 0 forma 2), MMCA, Barcelona-Spain


Last Sup(p)er, stattberlin, Berlin-Germany


Interzone, Wolterholme Projects, Liverpool-UK


Interview "Sin Palabras", Berlin Amateurs, January 2015. Berlin-Germany 
The Art Party, WXPI Williamsport community radio, July 22nd 2013, Williamsport USA
Sun Gazette newspaper, July the 18th 2013, Williamsport, PA, USA