Proyecto Imaginario Latinoamerica, 2018-2019

Dears, I'm very happy to share with you that I've been selected to be part of Proyecto Imaginario Latinoamérica. A program that invites photographers and visual artists to challenge their creative ideas and explore other approaches through an innovative proposal: a platform that strengthens the production of each author, the analysis and circulation of the work from diverse and multidisciplinary perspectives. Extremely thankful with the team for this opportunity!


I will be working along the year with the development of my latest project, Transparent, a documentation divided in three episodes around Berlin, about the deconstruction of the normative and stablished ways of building up a relationship.

Looking forward to this new adventure!


The first day of the days when I lost Myself

The shock was quite brutal, and without any notice. Who is ever ready for it? 
What it was, wasn't there anymore. Melted scenes, masks revealed, stages falling apart.
Addiction to the surprise, the unknown and the fake hope. 
The slap in the face, just to confirm the next one is coming.
That's me. One of a few, because I'm one and many. 
That's me as a reminder of exactly the very first day of the days when I lost myself. .
Ph. #35mm disposable camera, Berlin Kreuzberg, Mai 2018. Thanks to Manon for this portrait.



when the roots are not enough

Analog photography, Berlin.


Studio visit and preview - Alana Richards

Another studio visit with the talented painter Alana Richards, and the luck to have a preview of her next solo exhibition "Morphium: Hallucinations of a Kabarett" opening this Friday 23rd at The Ballery, Nollendorfstrasse 11-12, 10777 Berlin, Germany. Don't miss it!  


Detachment 2

"Luego de pronto se dijo: "Yo soy..." se produjo una ligera caída; se había despertado de su larga somnolencia" -La infancia de un jefe, Jean-Paul Sartre.


your turn

It's all about playing. 


Vital Contemplation

The exercise of looking to yourself, understand that archetype that repeats itself till you transcend it.



Where to? 




Real artists. Talented people that I have the pleasure to have close by. 



Upcoming exhibition: Plural Solitude -Dialogues-

“The Illusion of unity or oneness is created in man first, by the sensation of one physical body, by his name, which in normal cases always remains the same, and third, by a number of mechanical habits which are implanted in him by education or acquired by imitation. Having always the same physical sensations, hearing always the same name and noticing in himself the same habits and inclinations he had before, he believes himself to be always the same.” –P. Ouspensky

Man acts independently one from each other and fails to see the hidden strings of a biggest human organism. He misses to understand the patterns that shapes unity and believes he can act as an individual. But repetition reminds us about a common background that relates all mental states. What connects us?

Photographer Eli Cornejo will be showing works which address the subject of Plural Solitude, extending this concept to invited artists. The exhibition aims to find some of the human hidden connections through the dialogue of unconnected works and unrelated artists exploring similar ideas. 

Artists in dialogue: Juan Arata, Lautaro Bianchi, Anne Braun, Jorge Chamorro, Eli Cornejo and Barbara Cousin.

Opening: Friday 28th April, 18:00-22:00
Duration: Friday 28th April to Sunday 7th May 2017

Opening hours: Fri 6 - 10pm, Sat + Su 2 - 7pm


Reuterstr. 31 
12047 Berlin



Only doing

I finished yesterday the collage workshop with Jorge Chamorro**. It was a beautiful playground to let the mind go. It reminded me how much I enjoy this!

**Recommended! It was organized in ESDIP Berlin.


Smile Happens --> to Denver

Good news, darlings!

Smile Happens was selected for the first group exhibition "Inappropriate Humor" at Rare Tempo next month. They are an emerging art venue located in Denver, Colorado. Their aim is to be as an eclectic and inclusive space that embraces the diversity of art and expression by encouraging conversation through community. 

Happy and thankful for all this, yeah!

**Smile Happens is an ongoing serie. 
ph. #29


Eternal Sunshine Of The Mindless Spot.

In Buenos Aires the sun is almost a constant. Traditions too.


Studio visit - Georgina Espasa @Telarium

Taken at Telarium, Handwoven Textiles, Fiber Art and Rugs designed in Berlin by Georgina Espasa, last October 2016, Schöneberg - Berlin.

Georgi received me in a grey rainy day at her warm atelier, where she is developing her project Telarium. Surrounded by different textiles, wool and wooden loom, it was the perfect visit for that day. You can feel the candid atmosphere and the energy that flows when love and passion are present in a task. Take a look at her sensitive, warm and elegant designs.


Upcoming show: EXOTIC AWARENESS - Brick Gallery, Hamburg

EXOTIC AWARENESS - A group exhibition of Latin American artists

The charm of the unfamiliar in times where traveling, access to information and permanent exchange is defining a new mixed culture which is both, unique and extended. In a society where everything tends to be multi-cultural and each of us must, then, be pure culture. What does it mean to be exotic in todays world? Is exoticism coming from far away or far inside?

To contribute to this debate Urbanskills invites you to the opening of the group exhibition Exotic Awareness at Bricks Gallery, showcasing the work of 10 international artists from Latin America.

Gallery: Wiesendamm 7, 22305 Hamburg,
mail: hello@bricks-gallery.com / phone: 0151.40517948

Opening: Friday 11th, Nov - 19-22hrs.
Exhibition Period: 11th - 26th, Nov

Participating artists: 
Alaniz (Argentina)
Caro Pepe (Argentina)
Eli Cornejo (Argentina)
Eriván Phumpiú (Peru)
Jair Martinez (Colombia)
Ju Mu (Chile - Peru)
Juan Arata (Argentina)
Meteoro (Mexico)
Sr. Calavera (Mexico)
Wesr Figueroa (Peru)


Pink October Berlin

I was invited by the energetic and lovely Olga Inyiongo to participate in this great initiative, Pink October in Berlin. She was working with Thais Farias, who I also had the pleasure to meet at the studio. A simple but significant event, because the individual action can also have a powerful multiplicative effect. 

October is dressed in pink to raise awareness about breast cancer. Join us next 27th October from 6pm at Azucar - Magazine & Art Gallery. Click to go to the event

More Info: Pink October Berlin Fbook

Thanks a lot Olga & Thais. Love to you both!


PHOTO CLUB Berlin - Tuesdays @Hilbert Raum

The goal of this meetings is to established a space to talk about our work - projects, exchange opinion, give advice, learn from the perspective of the other and curate together a group exhibition at HilbertRaum and a photo zine.

We believe in the collective. And in sharing.

Tuesday 25th October, 6PM-9PM. Hilbert Raum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin

This event is free and open to all photographers. 
Join the Club, please RSVP: hello@elicornejo.com. THANKS!


Studio visit - Claude Ricci, aka BLO

Another studio visit, another chance to get to know more the friends and professionals that I'm meeting along the way.  This time with BLO - Claude Ricci at his studio in Neukölln, Berlin last August 2016. 
He was preparing an exhibition, the paitings were almost ready, very delighted with the idea of the preview! 


Vernissage "Experimental Experience Experiment", ( ) AIR 2016

Join us tomorrow at HilbertRaum to see the result of the last week's work at (  ) Parentheris Space Parenthesis AIR 2016. A very interesting exercise, forcing us to work with what we have, pushin the limits a little bit further. It would be really nice meeting you there. Besoos!

Opening: Friday 12th August, 6PM - 10PM 
Exhibition: Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th, 2PM - 5PM.
HilbertRaum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin.

Ph. works by artists Juan Arata (sculpture) and Philippe Marcus (mural)


The progress of the work. ( ) AIR 2016.


( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis A.I.R., Berlin 2016 @HilbertRaum

Happy and courious about this next upcoming Artists in Residency and exhibition at Hilbert Raum, Berlin. Together with artists Juan Arata, Lan Hungh, Marcus Philippe and SSMIDD, we are going to work for two weeks at Hilbert Raum and see what will happen. It's always a surprise and very productive days we have when we meet. Looking forward to the "Experimental Experience Experiment" 

About the show:
( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis is a nomadic artist-in-residency program and a close group of participating artists who meet once a year to build up an exhibition, usually without any previous idea, finding their way through the endemic materials and improvisation. During the past projects the process for each residency was a very dynamic exchange of creative energy which led to certain experiences on the way with less focus on the final outcome in the sense of a conventional exhibition.
Therefore, now in the third edition of the ( ) A.I.R., we will shift the focus: based on knowing each other quite well, we will now even develop a deeper connection during the flow of working together. All participating artists will, during the building up phase, analyze, remark and portrait the personality shape -and also self-portrait- of each remanding participating artist, documenting this approach in various available media. In the end everyone will collaborate, layer by layer, in a collective mind-map of each persona creating big collages of information and perception.
Opening: Friday 12th August, 18:00-22:00
Duration: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th August

Hilbert Raum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin - (U7/U8 Hermannplatz)


Photo critique day, 19th July 2016 @HilbertRaum Berlin

The goal of this meetings: to spend one afternoon among colleagues and friends to talk about our work and projects, exchange opinion, give advice, learn from the perspective of the other, generate new ideas, projects -in group or individually. 
We believe in the collective. And in sharing.

This event is free and open to all photographers. 
RSVP needed: arnejocorata@gmail.com
Please bring between 3 to 5 photos -printed or in a pendrive, the ones you would like to talk about.

Photography Club and event.

When: 19th July 2016, from 7PM to 10PM

Where: HilbertRaum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin, Germany

Fbook Event


The photo critique day, 10th May 2016 @HilbertRaum Berlin

The goal of this meetings: to spend one afternoon among colleagues and friends to talk about our work and projects, exchange opinion, give advice, learn from the perspective of the other, generate new ideas, projects -in group or individually. 
We believe in the collective. And in sharing. 

This event is free and open to all photographers. 

Please RSVP: arnejocorata@gmail.com. 
Please bring between 3 to 5 photos in a pendrive, the ones you would like to talk about.
When: Tuesday 10th May 2016, from 6 PM - 9 PM
Where: HilbertRaum Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin, Germany


The Berta ART raffle VOL. 5

In the meanwhile, the Berta is coming: the first and only ART raffle where everyone wins!

This is another project that I'm working since 2014. I'm putting my heart, time, efforts to make this baby grow. Not doing this alone, my parter in life, crime, arts, and...etc, Juan Arata is working in the project too, and this year we have the collaboration as curator of Camille Cousin. I'm extremelly happy and expectant in this 5th edition. Without the support, collaboration and complicity of friends, sponsors and art lovers, this would never be possible. Visit the webpage to read more about this amazing non profit project: www.thebertaartraffle.com

But you are too curious? check this lovely video invitation


Photo credit: Mauricio Torres. Jared winning the last work at The Berta VOL. 3, Raum für drastische Maßnahmen. Friedrichshain, Berlin. 10th May 2015


Printing time

Wohooo!from next week on, the printed Spielzeitkalender 2016/17 of Theater Augsburg will be available! You'll find this photo among a wider selection.

This project, Von Drinnen Nach Draußen, that started on June 2015 like a Photoexhibition taking part in Spielraum Mitte - Das Gefühlscamp and finishes with the Spielzhelft Calender 2016/17, aims to document the whole life at the theater Augsburg, in every little corner of it. No makeup, no rehearsal, no preparation, just honesty, showing the beauty and the things how they naturally are.


Work done

Here I am again, after almost 3 months of intense, stimulating, emotional and challenging work. I was commissioned by Teather Augsburg the photos for the printed book-calender of 2016/2017. There are 81 photos in the final selection, let's see if they all find a place there! Now all those photos are in the good hands of the designer and printers, I let them go. It's time to have a little rest and see where will the next adventure take me.

I won't get tired of saying thanks to all the amazing people that I've met along this path, from the Theater, the friends from Augsburg, and the family and friends from Berlin. But I want to specially thanks to: Sebastián Arranz, Maria Linke, Tobias Vogt, Tanja Landsberger, Sebastian Baumgart, Simson Hermann, Georgina Espasa. And last but not least, to my person Juan Arata: thanks for the confidence and for all those things that they can't be written.


Group Exhibition @HilbertRaum Berlin

Celebrating the 1st year of HilbertRaum. Join us next Friday 12th February, from 6PM at Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin (U7 / U8 Hermannplatz).

Ph. Life After All (2014)


Studio visit - Alana Richards

For a few years now, I've been photographed people that I have the pleasure and fortune to get to know along this way. I'm very fan of my friends in general. Like very of Alana Richards. This photo is part of an ongoing serie that I'm working on, taken at her atelier in Kreuzberg, Berlin in October 2015.


Müll - visual essay with tHERAPY + recycle and exorcise

Really happy with this collaboration with Therapy + recycle and exorcise. Will post more soon! Thanks a lot to Mariángeles Aguirre for the confidence.


Collaboration with Vincenzo Fagnani - aka Mouselephant

Photo session with Vincenzo Fagnani = Mouselephant Some of my photos were used for the magazine The Loppist.


The Bust and The Beast

Collage is another love I have.


Lonski&Classen @Acud Berlin

Lonksi&Classen are two great musicians from Berlin, they do experimental pop music. What they do is just great, listen here: https://soundcloud.com/lonskiandclassen

+ Info: www.lonskiandclassen.com/



Aquí dejo una entrevista realizada para Berlin Amateurs, respondida sólo con imágenes. Espero que les guste!

. LINK .

Here an interview I had to answer only with images for magazine Berlin Amateurs. I hope you like it! - if you need translation, you have google or me...


.:Photo Critique Day in January:.

Jacob Holdt, from his book "United States 1970-1975"

We are back with the Photo Critique day. A getting together for sharing art/photography and get a feedback of it, while having some drinks. The idea: meeting and talk about photography+art. Bring 3 to 5 pics in a memory stick, the ones you want to show and talk about (they could be yours or from a other photographers you would like to analyse) 

Don't be shy and come :)


p.s. if you this don't interest you, please help me to spread the word. Thanks!


Street action. Arnejo Corata in BA

With friends. At night.


Exorcísame ¿qué enferma al pueblo? - Invitación

EXORCÍSAME ¿Qué enferma al pueblo?, es una muestra de los artistas argentinos, con base desde 2008 en la ciudad de Berlín, Juan Arata y Eli Cornejo.

EXORCÍSAME forma parte del proyecto permanente Purify Me (Purifícame), el cual se basa en el examen personal de los artistas sobre una sociedad que tiende a la normalización y estandarización de un estilo de vida que contradice las libertades del individuo y desvanece la sinceridad de la acción cotidiana. Para esta ocasión, sin embargo, los artistas buscan mostrar el resultado de la visión colectiva que los argentinos, como pueblo, tenemos de nosotros mismos. Por tal motivo, se inició una convocatoria al público en general y se solicitó, a cualquier interesado en participar del proyecto, el envío de fotografías que ilustrasen aquellos aspectos que nos enferman y de los cuales necesitamos purificarnos. Todos los envíos fueron incluidos de forma anónima en la muestra y serán quemados en esta hoguera colectiva a realizarse a partir del viernes 21 de noviembre a las 19hr.

A través de su enfoque audiovisual, Arnejo Corata (nombre bajo el cual colabora este dúo) ilustra conceptos espirituales que van más allá del plano visual. Exorcísame es un experimento colectivo que busca el común denominador pero que, a la vez, muestra las múltiples facetas de una sociedad que lucha por encontrar su identidad.

Inaugura: Viernes 21 de noviembre 19hs.
Cierre: 12 de diciembre.
Dirección: FIEBRE, Av. Santa Fé 2729 – Local 10.
Directores: Tomás Fox / Rodolfo Schmidt


Showing some slides @Queerstories #8

Tuesday, Octobre 21st., 2014 at 8:00pm

Queer times in another country

Riemannstrasse 7, 10961 Kreuzberg, Berlin.


Exorcismo Colectivo::Convocatoria para Argentinos::

‘Exorcísame’ es la próxima muestra que tendrá lugar en Fiebre. Sus autores Juan Arata y Eli Cornejo, radicados en Berlín desde 2008, abren una convocatoria para que todos puedan participar activamente de la misma. Para ello deben elegir una o varias fotos de Internet que represente aquellas cosas de las que se quieran purificar y enviarlas a fiebregaleria@gmail.com. El material será anónimo. Hay tiempo para enviar fotos hasta el 10 de Noviembre inclusive. Gracias.


Lining in the past

Eli Cornejo, Waiting Still (2014)

I'm donating this poster for the next ART Raffle. If you want to know more about it, go to Facebook that connects you directly with the event or check Arnejo Corata.

Don't miss the chance to have an art work for a fair price, support stablished and emerging artist and contribute in social cause.


The only ART raffle where everyone wins!

After the success of the first edition, here we go again with :::The Berta ART Raffle::Vol.2:::

This edition of the ART Raffle has three simultaneous goals:
1) support emerging Berlin based artists
2) encourage young art collectors to enlarge their own collection
3) help someone out that really needs it.

The event will take place on Sunday the 10th of August at Atelier Arata-Cornejo, Koloniestr. 71, 13359 Berlin.
We’ll open the doors at 6:30pm and try to kick off at 7:30pm punctual. This edition is curated and organized in collaboration with artist and photographer Jonny Whitlam.

For More Info-How to participate-How to buy a ticket-Donations

:::The Berta ART Raffle:::


The recording of the Light

Ph: Juan Arata, The secret life of Eli Cornejo (2014)


.:Photo Critique Day in June:.

Another edition of the Photo Critique day. A getting together for having some drinks, showing our work and get a feedback of it. A simple idea: share what we do, we love, we want to say and have a great afternoon.

Bring 3 to 5 pics in a memory stick, the ones you want to show and talk about. And please confirm your assistance, as there is a limited space.


Hope to see you there,

23rd June 2014, 18:30 Hr // Koloniestr. 71, 13359 Berlin

p.s. feel free to share the event with friends that might be interested as well :)


( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis

( ) is an artistic proposal, is a short term, nomadic, residency program, in which the creative process is the art-form itself. It takes place every year in a different location for a period of seven to ten days including the exhibition. The program is run by a collective of international artists,composed of edition 0 ‘s participants. Its objective is to provide a blank state to ( ) artists. ( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis, the plan is not having a plan. Because not having rules is already a rule, it is not important for this group of artists to even think about how to do what they do. So what do they do? They meet every year in a different country for a lapse of seven to ten days and find their way through the new context and its materials to develop a one-day exhibition where the result is not as important as the process of getting there. This year the chosen location is the city of Lendava, Slovenia. The artists participating in ( ) are invited to present themselves without any materials, as to create using the means found on the ( ) site. It’s also highly recommended that they do not to prepare a project because the essence of the program lies in the exchange between the participating artists, and between the ( ) site and the artists.Even though the ( ) program closes with an exhibition, the artists are in no way obliged to participate. They are allowed to exhibit work in progress (sketches, notes…), as well as finished pieces. They also have the ability to modify the work they have chosen to present during the exhibition, up to the last minute. EDITION 1 participating artists: Juan Arata (AR-GER), Eli Cornejo (AR-GER) Tanya Dyachenko (UR), Lan Hungh (GER-TW), marcus philippe (FR), SSMIDD (GER-UR) EXHIBITION OPENING i.e. OPEN STUDIO this Saturday, September 14, 2013 from 2pm


Pajama Factory. AIR Exhibition 2013

ph. Barbara Andreassen

Closing Exhibition at the Pajama Factory for the A.I.R (Artist in Residency Program 2013). I had the chance to share space and learn from two great artists: Juan Arata and Rebecca Armstrong. I have no words to thank everyone for all we lived, shared, experienced in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. We'll meet again, for sure!


Shooting day

Like the Sky, Williamsport, 2013.

Last Tuesday I was invited by the Becker's to a shooting day. Not only I've learnt a LOT of them, but I had a lovely time. Looking forward to another one soon!


All set up at the Pajama Factory

Here I am, in Williamsport, taking part of this great Artist in Residency Program 2013 in the Pajama Factory. Here is a small description of the program (I've copied from their web page), just in case you are curious:

"The Pajama Factory Artist-in-Residence Program is designed to provide both emerging and established visual artists and creative writers, both national and international, a place to grow creatively, as they work freely within a rejuvenated industrial building that is the Pajama Factory."

There are two more artist this year: Juan Arata and Rebecca Armstrong. Totally delighted with this great experience, and very thankful for the lovely people here, that care and help in everything: Mark Winkelman, Barbara Andreassen, Mark Stabley and the rest of the crew at the Factory.

Thanks everyone!


Some pics from Barcelona

ph: Dario Larriaga

The opening of the exhibition was really nice, it included a live music-performance which was excelent. A lot of people came and share their opinions+love+support and even some of the art works were sold that night!

Here you can see how my photo-cassettes-mural looked in this nice wall, perfect for them. The musician that did the performance, and some paintings from Totem Perez.

Thanks again for all the support and the invitation!


Presenting ARCO

What's next! A collaboration project.

We are very proud to invite you to the opening of ARCO.

Please join us at the opening of our first collaborative presentation as ARCO, which will be held at our great friend and neighbour's Kultur Kafe, L18, Liegnitzer Str. 18 10999 Berlin, next Monday 20th starting 16Hs. ARCO is an attempt to get an understanding of our own context, through the change of the perception of our environment. Arco are artists Juan Arata and Eli Cornejo, both argentinian working and living in Berlin.


On Construction. Berlin-Barcelona

I've just came back from Barcelona, quite happy about the exhibition, it all went great!
If you happen to be there, you have till the 3rd June 2013 to see the show: c/Carabassa 13, Barrio Gótico.

In the meanwhile, I want to thank to all the beautiful people that made it possible. Thanks to Giovanny Páez, Francisco Tótem Pérez, Juan Arata, Alana Richards, Emmanuelle Wilhelm, Yendris Patterson, and the rest of the team. It was such a nice experience!


It's ON!

Yes Yes Yes! New expo in Barcelona is in modus ON!. More info coming (also more and more photos).


Thank you

Juan, the Byron and the Bay. February 2013

This is the second entrance of this section that I decided to call Latest (yes, it's a blog...) and I wanted to dedicate, not only this entrance, but this site, the photos I take...to him. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for the confidence.


Last Sup(p)er at stattberlin

Last Sup(p)er is a one night event, we gather together at stattberlin, to have little food and share some art to each other, waiting to see if the world is going to end on that day. Please bring little food /drinks /art to share.

Already with:
Eli Cornejo
Stefan Dening
Stephanie Gerner
Stephan Halter
Stefan Hauberg
Mai Kawakita
Stefan Kraft
Dovrat Meron
Kevin Morrison
Stefan Riebel
Julia Schmid
more is coming....

+ the same night